Cedar Finance Unwrapped and Fully Exposed

Everything You Need To Know About Cedar Finance Before Trading

Cedar Finance Is ApprovedCedar Finance is an professional brokerage which delivers a expertly designed platform for those who wish to trade binary options. Digital options are now widely known as one of the fastest and most powerful solutions for changing financial decisions into sizable profits. Cedar Finance’s groundbreaking platform supplies traders with a straightforward approach to trading on a variety of key assets which have been commonly traded inside the standard marketplace for quite some time.

Since launching back in 2010, Cedar Finance has been able to amass a customer base of over 300,000 traders by supplying spectacular products and solutions to binary options traders. This broker controls two main offices within Cyprus and may be reached there, in addition to by means of several specific phone numbers for numerous countries. Cedar Finance has now acquired their official license from CySec (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). This broker does not hold trader funds in Cyprus-based accounts.

Cedar Finance Payouts

Binary options have grown to be an widely preferred financial instrument which delivers a variety of integrated positive aspects. Of these, substantial payout rates are certainly worth mentioning. Cedar Finance offers traders sizable payouts which range from 68% to 81% on every profitable trade. Cedar Finance no longer offers refund rates for trades which finish out of the money.

Also made available are weekend high-yield Touch trades. These options can be purchased on Saturday and Sunday, and will be set to run once the market re-opens for trading. The maximum payout offered on these trades stands at 250%. Cedar Finance used to ask for a minimum $50 investment on these trades, but has since lowered the minimum to an extremely reasonable $10.

From a monetary point of view, trading binary options with Cedar Finance as your broker will be a clear-cut, uncomplicated, and worthwhile experience. As is typical in trading, earnings rates rise with the recognized degrees of risk and decrease when risk in is lower. However, traders are certainly not pushed into accepting extreme risk levels and actually, options trading is among the limited investment varieties which supply traders with all of the resources vital to controlling risk.

Cedar Finance Trading Platform

The Cedar Finance trading platform is powered by Tradologic and is 100% web-based. This ensures that you can trade binary options from just about anywhere, so long as you have a computer and internet connection. Cedar Finance makes it easy for anyone to trade while enjoying the positive aspects of a simple trading process. The platform delivers a totally secured investment experience. The joining together of Cedar Finance’s unrivaled asset index and modern platform technology provides fast and accurate investing on practically limitless options.

The platform, which was at one point offered only in English is now offered in Deutch, French, Russian, and Italian as well. Cedar Finance makes it possible for traders to select from expiry time periods of as minimal as 60 seconds to as lengthy as 30 days. The expiry time choices for every accessible binary options trade are plainly posted inside each and every trade window. Both the expiry times and asset data are brought in direct from well-respected economic information provider, Thomson Reuters.

Cedar Finance Trading Platform

Trading hours vary by asset, and each available trading time period can be found next to its associated underlying asset. Within this index traders will find 108 Stocks, 13 Currency Pairs, 11 Commodities, and 22 Indices. Not many binary options brokers deliver this enormous amount of underlying assets and this will without a doubt benefit any trader who selects Cedar Finance as their broker.

Digital Options, Touch, Turbo, and Range trades are provided by Cedar Finance. Digital options are basic Call/Put trades. Of these, Turbo trading is the type most likely to stand out to traders. Cedar Finance provides three different super-fast expiry times with these trades: 60, 120, and 300 seconds. Option Builder and the old Open Platform have each been removed from the lineup, we assume in an effort to simplify the platform.

There are reasonable minimum investment sums in place. For Turbo trades, the minimum investment amount is only $5. For all other trade types, the minimum is set at $10. This is another area where Cedar Finance has made changes, lowering their minimum investment amounts. If you had previously bypassed this binary options broker because you didn’t like their minimum investment requirements, these new changes may please you.

Cedar Finance Accounts and Banking

Cedar Finance Account Types

The minimum deposit necessary to begin trading binary options inside the Cedar Finance platform is 200 EUR, GBP, or USD. This deposit may be posted using major credit such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, or debit cards and bank wire transfers. Online payment processor deposits are also accepted. Cedar Finance does offer Bronze, Silver, and Gold level accounts. Each of these is based upon the amount of the initial trader deposit. Silver and Gold accounts come with a lot of perks and therefore are something traders will want to at least consider.

Funds may be withdrawn making use of the same banking methods which are approved for deposits. The lowest withdrawal sum is set at 200 of the chosen currency, but Cedar Finance will allow traders to withdraw less than this should they find the need to do so. Credit card distributions are free. Bank wire transfers cost 25. When withdrawing money via credit card, the amount can’t go beyond the initial amount that was deposited. This doesn’t mean that traders can’t withdraw all of their earnings, only that amounts above the minimum deposit amount will need to be withdrawn using bank wire.

Payment handling time is essential to binary options traders. Cedar Finance provides an very reasonable turn-around time for issuing payments. Payment requests are processed in 1-3 business days. Once the request for payment has been accepted, there is going to be a 5-7 day wait for the funds to deposit. Traders with Silver and Gold level accounts will have their withdrawals processed and deposited in shorter time frames than this.

Cedar Finance Bonuses

Cedar Finance Cash Bonus

Cedar Finance provides bonuses of as much as 100% of the initial investment amount. The amount that a trader will receive is based directly on the amount of their first deposit. Larger deposits qualify for larger bonus amounts. Bonus amounts are always subject to change at any point, so be sure to check with Cedar Finance for the most current information on the free bonus funds which are being offered to traders.

The bonus withdrawal policy is quite simple. Traders will need to invest in a total amount of 30X their bonus amount before being able to withdraw bonus funds. This can be done over the course of many different binary options trades. Once this stipulation has been met, traders can withdraw bonus funds from their trading account.

Cedar Finance Customer Service and Support

Despite the fact that Cedar Finance provides an online platform, they do not let this be a alternative to individualized support. Each binary options trader is given an individual account manager who can supply support and assistance by means of phone, e-mail and internet chat. Account managers help familiarize traders with the investment platform and can take beginner traders through the trading process.

Cedar Finance delivers important data connected with the markets, guided tours of the binary options platform, training seminars, personalized training, and more. Support is provided Around the clock. However, telephone support is only provided during standard trading hours. E-mails may be directed to: support@cedarfinance.com or may be sent in by using the contact form available on the website.

Cedar Finance Tools and Resources

Cedar Finance Trading Resources

Cedar Finance offers traders a good amount of tools for discovering how to correctly trade binary options. Along with live asset price charts and detailed graphs, financial news is imported directly into the trading platform. The news feed helps traders access information needed to fundamental analysis. Market reviews are also provided. These are going to provide plenty of insight into how the market is moving and will be moving in the future.

Along with marketplace news and fundamental education tools, Cedar Finance offers a variety of how-to articles that can help binary options traders with strengthening their investment skills. In this section, traders are very likely to discover beneficial methods of executing analysis and a variety of binary options strategies which may be used to maximize earnings. Just as before, Cedar Finance demonstrates their commitment to clients by providing them a lot of the extras essential to success.

Cedar Finance: Final Word

Cedar Finance Customer Services

Whenever binary options brokers are ranked, Cedar Finance is often at, or near the top of the list. This broker has worked hard to earn its excellent reputation though providing an extremely likable investment platform, along with the customer service and support to back it up. Also offered is an impressive collection of tools and extras to go along with a solid lineup of trade types and massive asset index.

Cedar Finance will not concentrate only on the binary options trading procedure, but additionally on supplying traders with every little thing they need so as to be profitable. Cedar Finance has earned their positioning as one of the top binary options broker choices for trading options. Whether you’re a trader who is just starting, or an experienced trader with the motivation to switch to a more professional platform, check out what the new and improved Cedar Finance has to offer.

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Is Cedar Finance A Scam?

Thanks in part to a few unscrupulous binary options brokers, one of the biggest questions that traders have during the broker selection process is, is this broker running a scam? There are actually several types of scams which have been reported, so here we will consider each of these, along with any potential connection to Cedar Finance.

Among the most common fraud claims is in relation to the non-payment of bonus funds. These claims are some of the most frustrating to binary options brokers because they are almost always related to traders who do not take the time to read through the terms and conditions. Cedar Finance does offer large bonus amounts and does have a bonus policy in place which states that traders are required to, "required to execute trades to the value of 30 times your initial bonus" prior to being able to withdraw those funds.

What does this mean? If for example you received a bonus of $100, you'd need to enter trades using a total investment amount of $3,000 prior to being able to claim this bonus. While that may sound a bit excessive, if you trade well, meeting this requirement will not be tough. The bottom line is that binary options brokers cannot afford to hand out free bonus money with traders at least participating in trading and Cedar Finance is no exception. This does not, however, indicate any scam.

Another common complaint that traders have is discrepancies in relation to the actual trading platform. This could be misinformation related to asset prices or the expiry times. Our testing did not reveal any such problems and we were not able to find any verifiable claims of wrongdoing in this area. The asset pricing data is imported directly from Reuters, which is one, if not the most trusted source in the binary options industry. Cedar Finance has been in operation for a number of years now. To put it simply, any real problems in this area would have already been discovered and widely discussed online.

The number one fear of binary options traders is not being able to withdraw their funds. This type of scam has occurred, but is not at all common. Word travels fast online and any broker which does not pay their clients as agreed will be exposed quickly. Cedar Finance has experienced a few complaints in the area of not paying fast enough, but this has nothing to do with non-payment and is a problem many brokers experience when traders do not know the anticipated payment turnaround time.

The sad truth is that reliable brokers such as Cedar Finance are often at the mercy of traders who do not understand the rules, terms, and conditions. Far too many binary options scam posts appear online and are the direct claims of those who do not understand the specifics. Even worse, once they do understand, many of those posts are left to stand, never being updates. This is simply something that brokers will have to contend with, but in the meantime, know that Cedar Finance is indeed a scam-free and trustworthy binary options broker.

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Cedar Finance FAQ

How much does it cost to create an account with Cedar Finance?

Account registration is free. Funds only need to be deposited prior to trading within the platform.

What are the accepted forms of deposit?

All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express.), debit cards, bank wire transfers, and Skrill.

How much is the minimum deposit? Any maximum?

200 USD, EUR, or GBP is the minimum that a trader can deposit. There is no maximum for bank wire transfers. 10,000 is the max for credit cards. 5,000 is the max for Skrill.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

200 USD, EUR, or GBP. However, Cedar Finance will allow traders to withdrawal a bit less than this at times.

Which payment methods can be used for withdrawals?

Major credit cards or bank wire transfers.

What is the cost for withdrawal?

When credit cards are the selected withdrawal method, there are no withdrawal fees. Bank wire transfers may be free as well, but only if the withdrawal amount exceeds 500. Otherwise, a 25 fee will be assessed.

What account types are available?

Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each account type is based upon the amount of deposit, and each will provide its own special benefits.

What are the available means of contacting Cedar Finance?

E-mail, phone, and live chat. E-mails can be directed to: support@cedarfinance.com. There are several country specific phone contact numbers which can be accessed from the "Contact Us" section of the website.

Where is Cedar Finance located?


1 Avlonos, Maria House

1075 Nicosia


What types of binary options trades are available?

Digital, Touch, Turbo, and Range are each available.

How much money do I earn when my predictions are correct?

On standard trades, the payout rate can be anywhere from 65% to 81%. On Touch trades, the payout rate can be as high as 250%.

Does Cedar Finance offer refunds on losing trades?


Does Cedar Finance offer bonuses?

Yes. These are directly linked to the amount of deposit and can be as much as 100% of the amount of your initial deposit.

What is the bonus withdrawal policy?

Traders will need to trade 30X the initial bonus value before any bonus money can be withdrawn from their trading account.

How long will it take to receive the funds I request?

For bronze level accounts, withdrawals can take as long as ten days. Silver accounts are five days, and Gold accounts, two days.

Is Cedar Finance regulated?

Yes. Cedar Finance is now regulated by CySec.

What are the available platform languages?

Binary options traders are free to select from English, Deutch, French, Italian, or Russian as their preferred platform language.

Is any Cedar Finance scam taking place or has taken place?

No, this binary options broker has maintained a solid reputation throughout the years. There is no indication that Cedar Finance is, or has even been part of any options fraud.